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This site suffered from a server problem on my hosting service between approximately Midnight (12:00 AM) to about 11:00 AM today, September 4th… That problem has been solved and we are up again.

Please accept my apology for this disruption of service.


by Gerald Boerner


JerryPhoto_8x8_P1010031 Like what you see in this blog? Good. I appreciate all of you that visit these pages and subscribe to the RSS feed. But I wanted you to know that I have also set up a Facebook Fan Page on which I post smaller news items, quotes and other observations. Sometimes I come across things that are whimsical, especially related to photography and serious reading on current events.

So I invite you to “LIKE” my fan page if you are a Facebook subscriber. You can find it if you search for “Prof. Boerner’s Explorations” on your Facebook page.

Hope to see more of you join me for additional topics and discussions…

by Gerald Boerner


Unfortunately, I find it necessary to moderate comments on this blog.I now no longer publish anonymous comments except in rare circumstances and only then at my sole discretion. I also do not publish comments that are tied to or seek to market software or services.

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Revised — 10 August 2010

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