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JerryPhotoToday we explore two events that occurred on this day in history. These are the passage of a Child Labor law in 1916 and the finding the wreckage of the chilly waters in the north Atlantic in 1985. Both of these events had significant impact upon those involved: the former affected the American children working in northern factories or southern cotton fields while the latter had its primary effect on the passengers on that fateful maiden voyage.

Through the photographic efforts of Lewis Hines, this documentary evidence was used by the National Child Labor Committee to lobby for legislation to limit the labor practices that worked children for long hours in substandard conditions. These children were deprived of the schooling that would allow to succeed in life.

Additional evidence of the plight children of poor and migrant families was documented photographically during the Great Depression. This time it was documented by a small cadre of photographers of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) led by Roy Stryker. This resulted in additional protective legislation under Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of the New Deal.

In the case of the wreck of the RMS Titanic is part of the story portrayed in the movie of the same name. I have covered the details of this event in a previous post (see References below for the link). At the time of the disaster in 1012 on the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage. There were many factors that led to this event that are beyond this discussion, but the passenger list for that voyage included a the Who’s Who of American Industry that lost their lives.


The finding of the wreckage had to await the development of technologies not available until the 1980’s. Robert Ballard and Jean-Louis Michele put together of financial backers and acquired the necessary technologies to to attempt the awesome task of finding the Titanic’s remains in the deep waters of the north Atlantic. They successfully found the debris field and were able to explore the remains.

Well, let’s get on with our overview of these two events, Our intent here is to get you started in looking into these topics. Please take time to examine the source materials in the References GLB

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