by Gerald Boerner


Unfortunately, I find it necessary to moderate comments on this blog.I now no longer publish anonymous comments except in rare circumstances and only then at my sole discretion. I also do not publish comments that are tied to or seek to market software or services.

If you are interested in why I have implemented these policies, please click on the “Continue Reading…” or the “Read More” text below the opening segment.

Revised — 10 August 2010

I allow comments on nearly all posts. In fact, I encourage comments and usually am happy to offer replies. That said, I will feel free to enforce standards of civility here.

I am completely willing to delete boorish comments ~ e.g., those involving name-calling, cursing, or that are generally disrespectful toward me or other readers. The same goes, especially, for various forms of bigotry. The same goes for comments that are not germane to the post or comment thread.

Except in very rare instances, I do not publish anonymous comments. Experience suggests that unless a reader is willing to identify himself and take responsibility for his views, he too often proves willing to act like an ass. (Apologies for the gendered language, but it seems appropriate in this context.) So, like boorish, anonymous is a more or less direct route to comment oblivion. Life is too short.

In addition, I do not generally allow comments that include the endorsement of specific products or services. Also, I filter out as many comments as possible made by bots sending streams of comments within a defined period of time.

I treat this blog like I treat my living room. If you come here and act like an ass, I’ll show you the door. And, as is true of my living room (& yours no doubt, too), I am the sole judge of what counts as acting like an ass. Fair warning.

Revised — 10 August 2010