by Gerald Boerner

IMG_5838_6x8This sculpture was found in the Sculpture Garden outside of the ‘West Building’ at the Getty Museum. This person (and his girlfriend blocked out in the background) was walking up the stairs and I snapped this when he was at the same height as the sculpture. This was taken in afternoon sunlight, but with a tree shading the couple…
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]


On a set of tiers, I found these two planters filled with flowers. I liked the marble facings on the steps and the gentle shadows (both form and cast) in this afternoon sun. It gave me the illusion of a cascading water fall that one might find in the mountains. It creates a sense of ‘Zen’ for me…
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]

IMG_5828_6x8The sculpture made a good foreground feature to set off the building, with its rough stonework, and the sky and clouds in the background. I was pleased by the shadow detail on the front side of the sculpture captured without going to an HDR technique. (The Getty does not allow any tripods!) The sky color and the clouds really pop for me…
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]

Getty-Entry_11x14-BW_0098b This was a photo taken of the fountain wall where you get off the tram at the Getty Museum’s main entrance. It was taken at night without flash and I love the way it captures the rough face of the stonework behing the fountain.
[Photo by Gerald Boerner, Digital Color converted to B/W]


This flower grouping gave me a nice set of compatible colors that gave me a ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling. Technique-wise, this may not be an notable shot, but it caught my eye and I just had to capture it…
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]

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