by Gerald Boerner

Framing the Sun We were at the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park in Escondido, CA, on a cool spring day. As we were having lunch in a patio, the sun broke through the clouds and I saw this scene. I loved how the sum ‘peeked’ through the branches and the intensity of the blue sky.
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]

IMG_2062_6x8I was at one of my favorite photo places, the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area, between Riverside, CA, and Norco, CA. On this particular morning, there was a ground fog obscuring the area behind this pair of trees, giving the photo an ethereal look.
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]

Shadows-n-Park_6x8 When Grace was in Mettman, Germany, for the birth of our grandson, she caught this set of tree shadows in a little park in the middle of town. She loved the look of these shadows and snapped this photo with her little ‘point and shoot’ camera. I love it!
[Photo by Grace Boerner]

Tree_6x10_HDR2_8x10 This is another tree at the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area. I caught it in the early morning after a rain and a beautiful, cloudy sky. In order to preserve both the detail in the sky AND the detail in the darker, shadow side of the trunk; to accomplish this, I merged five exposures, each a stop apart, to create this HDR (High Dynamic Range) image. While it may still needs ‘tweaking’, I love it…
[Photo by Gerald Boerner]

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