A photographer’s delight in honor of Mexican Independence Day… OOOPS, we missed the recognition of the September 16th celebration of Mexican Independence. Guess it was the release of the new Dan Brown book and my photo class! But in recognition of this important date for our Hispanic brethren, the Getty Research institute has made available an online page with the history of Mexican photography that was exhibited in 2001 at the Getty. Enjoy…

Mexico from Empire to Revolution (Research at the Getty) 
Source: www.getty.edu

Mexico: From Empire to Revolution is a Web resource that draws upon the collection of the Getty Research Institute and extends the two-part exhibition held at the Institute between October 2000 and May 2001. Reproduced in the digital resource are cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite, albums, postcards and other forms of photography. The Photographers represented are either Mexican or European or North American. The work of some thirty known photographers is shown, alongside that of many others who remain anonymous. Together they provide a chronicle of Mexico from approximately 1857 to 1923, a chronicle explored in the History and Chronology sections of the resource. The terrain across which this history played out may be explored in the Maps section. The animated introduction gives a sampling of the events and lives documented by the photographs included in this Web site, including images of the railways, bridges, roads, buildings and monuments that became the fabric of the country, and portraits of Mexico’s leaders and ordinary people, all of whom played a part in the unfolding story.