by Gerald Boerner

"When in doubt just spit it out! The old Yankee proverb embodies…”
— Dan Brown, Deception Point

“I am fascinated with the gray area between right and wrong and good and evil.”
— Dan Brown, Deception Point

Bonus: Thought for the Day…
"Brown has an impressive grasp of his material. He is a more astute storyteller than most of his brethren in the thriller vein."
Kirkus Reviews of Deception Point

Bonus: Thought for the Day…
“…where we entirely miss the obvious-that is, that we are all trying to decipher life’s big mysteries, and we’re each following our own paths of enlightenment….where we entirely miss the obvious-that is, that we are all trying to decipher life’s big mysteries, and we’re each following our own paths of enlightenment.”
— Dan Brown, Deception Point

Bonus: Thought for the Day…
"The cavernous main chamber of NASA’s habisphere would have been a strange sight anywhere on earth, but the fact that it existed on the Arctic ice shelf made it that much more difficult for Rachel Sexton to assimilate."
— Dan Brown, Deception Point

Bonus: Thought for the Day…
"Keeping information from the director of the NRO was like keeping Vatican secrets from the Pope. The standing joke in the intelligence community was that if William Pickering didn’t know about it, it hadn’t happened."
— Dan Brown, Deception Point


Dan Brown (born June 22, 1964)

Dan_Brown_bookjacket_cropped Dan Brown is an American author of thriller fiction, best known for the 2003 bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code. Brown’s novels feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols, codes, and conspiracy theories. His books have been translated into over 40 languages, and as of 2009, sold over 80 million copies.

The Delta Force, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Space Frontier Foundation are factual organizations. All technologies described in this novel are real.

DeceptionPointIn his most thrilling novel to date, bestselling author Dan Brown transports readers from the ultra-secret National Reconnaissance Office to the towering ice shelves of the Arctic Circle, and back again to the hallways of power inside the West Wing. Heralded for masterfully intermingling science, history, and politics in his critically acclaimed thriller  Angels & Demons, Brown has crafted another novel in which nothing is as it seems—and behind every corner is a stunning surprise.  Deception Point is pulse-pounding fiction at its best.

An excellent thriller. A big yet believable story unfolding at breakneck pace, with convincing settings and just the right blend of likable and hateful characters. A finely polished amalgam of action and intrigue. Brown has done his research, folding in sophisticated scientific and military details that make his plot far more fulfilling than the norm. (Publisher’s Weekly)

Plot summary…

Earth from Space Intelligence Analyst Rachel Sexton is in her mid-thirties, is single, and works for the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). Her father, Senator Sedgewick Sexton, is a popular presidential candidate beating the incumbent President of the United States Zachary Herney in the opinion polls. The President sends her to the Arctic as part of a team of experts to confirm and authenticate findings made by NASA deep within the Milne Ice Shelf.

NASA’s new Earth Observation System (EOS), a collection of satellites constantly monitoring the globe for signs of large-scale change, has found an extremely dense spot in the Milne Ice Shelf. NASA discovers a very dense meteorite. In it are fossils of bugs very similar to–but not the same as–species on earth. NASA claims this as proof of extraterrestrial life. This find is something NASA needs desperately, as the agency’s success rate on other fronts has put it in a bad light. Senator Sexton uses this as an example of government overspending and failure to further his campaign.

Artic Tundra In order to ensure that the discovery is not tarnished with the bad reputation that NASA has developed, the President has sent four leading civilian scientists (Michael Tolland, an oceanographer and TV personality; Corky Marlinson, a brilliant but eccentric astrophysicist; Norah Mangor, a prickly glaciologist and Walter Ming, a palaeontologist) to the Arctic to verify the meteorite’s authenticity.

Meanwhile, a Delta Force team is observing the discovery, monitoring the NASA staff with the latest military technology for an unknown commander. When Ming observes an irregularity within the pit the meteorite was found in and reaches into the water to obtain a sample, the Delta Force team ‘takes him out’ using their miniature spy bot, leaving his body in the water where it sinks deep into the water where he will not be discovered. When Tolland sees the irregularity, he shares it with Corky Marlinson and Rachel Sexton. They report it to Mangor, who confirms that there is sea water in what should be a closed area with only freshwater.

Decepionpoint2 The four go outside to scan the ice from a distance. The scan shows Ming’s body in the water and a column of frozen sea ice beneath the meteorite where it was drilled up into the glacier. Upon discovering this, the four are attacked by the Delta Force team leaving Norah Mangor dead. Sexton, Tolland and Marlinson escape and are picked up by the Navy submarine USS Charlotte. The Delta Force team believes them to be dead, leaving them a chance to tell the President’s advisor and Rachel’s boss at the NRO about their discovery, Ming and Mangor’s deaths and about the attempt on their lives. Rachel’s boss, William Pickering, has them airlifted from the sub to a chopper which escorts them away from the meteorite discovery site.

A group of four civilian scientists have already been studying the find and have confirmed NASA’s claims. It is only hours before the President and NASA plan to go public with the discovery.

Main characters…
  • Rachel Sexton
    the protagonist; a "gister" for the NRO and Senator Sexton’s daughter.
  • Michael Tolland
    an oceanographer
  • President Zachary Herney 
    the President of the United States.
  • Senator Sedgewick Sexton 
    Rachel’s father and a presidential candidate.
  • Corky Marlinson 
    an astrophysicist.
  • Lawrence Ekstrom 
    Administrator of NASA.
  • William Pickering 
    director of the National Reconnaissance Office
  • Marjorie Tench 
    senior advisor to the President.
  • Gabrielle Ashe 
    Senator Sexton’s personal assistant.
  • Delta-One, Delta-Two, and Delta-Three 
    members of Delta Force
  • Norah Mangor 
    a glaciologist
  • Dr. Wailee Ming 
    a scientist

WARNING: some of the characters in DECEPTION POINT are not as they seem. Actually, nothing is. The only certainty is that behind every corner is a stunning, pulse-pounding surprise.

Dan Brown is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. In Deception Point, Brown has done his research, folding in sophisticated scientific and military details with extraterrestrial proof. This story consists of a young senator’s daughter uncovering secrets about a new NASA discovery that will shake up politics in the current presidential election as more information is gained, the more the young woman must fight for survival from undercover special ops teams.

The characters, setting, and conflicts within this book will make you realize the immense deceptions and thrills anyone would long for. Throughout this book characters play a huge role in the dramatic outcome of every chapter. You will not know the real underlying role of the main characters until the last pages of the book. For this reason, many conflicts formed between these characters.

In Deception Point the many conflicts kept your heart pacing and pages turning. The main conflict in this book involves the civilian scientists and the band of assassins (the delta force). The minor conflict is between the Senator Sexton and President Herney. In the main conflict the band of assassins are hired to kill the scientists so they will not leak out an enormous secret that could destroy the President?s run, hence closing down NASA. In the minor conflict, Senator Sexton is trying to ruin Herney’s second run for president by polluting the media with past NASA failures and expenses.

The mysterious and ominous setting of this book partners up with the conflicts to bring you more suspenseful action. The dark and icy setting in the North Pole gives this book its bloodcurdling action and suspenseful encounters. The eerie mood of the North Pole presents the assassins with a more deathlike appearance and more shocking scares. The illusive characters, eerie setting, and intense conflicts within this book will make you realize the immense deceptions and page turning-suspense anyone would long for.

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