Did the ‘Governator’ really save CAs State Parks? Not according to the National Office for Historic Preservation. This blog entry provides an interesting perspective on the Governor’s recent change of heart regarding the funding for the State Park System. Part time and weekends will keep parks open, YES, but not save the parks from denaturing… What do you think?

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Last week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a press release concerning the fate of California’s state parks. Judging by most of the media coverage that ensued, you’d think that parks advocates had scored a major victory.

Alas, what the Governor called “fantastic news for all Californians” turns out on closer reading to be just a fantasy. The fact that so many media outlets apparently failed to read beyond the headline “Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces Plan to Keep State Parks Open” speaks volumes about the dire state of political reporting out of the State Capitol. … [MORE]