How to successfully navigate your Holiday office (non-)party…

This article provides some very good suggestions on how to survive the office get-together this holiday season. The top tip: the holiday party is NOT really a party, but part of your work requirement. Therefore, you should show up, remain for at least an hour, and BEHAVE yourself — No flirting is allowed…

Read this and take it to heart; it may help you keep your JOB!


20 Tips for Your Workplace Holiday Non-Party – Yahoo! Finance 

office-party With Thanksgiving over, you’re no doubt beginning to see articles listing do’s and don’ts for the workplace holiday party.

Mostly don’ts…

But, you know, there’s really only one thing you need to remember. And it’s simple:

A workplace holiday party is not really a party.

In fact, it’s downright misleading to even call it a "party." It’s actually a "business event." As in, "work." Therefore, the way to successfully navigate your workplace holiday party is to treat it like work. Confuse it for a night out with old college buddies, your siblings, or even the members of your book club, and you have created a recipe for career disaster.

Sounds rather gloomy and unfestive, doesn’t it? Fret not. You do still get to have (some) fun. You do still get to eat and drink (some) at the company’s expense. The trick is simple: Always remember the "work" in workplace holiday party, and you’ll be OK. … [MORE]