Want to see that new movie on DVD, but don’t know if it is worth buying?

Well, Redbox is here to help… You can rent a movie title for one day of viewing to see if it is what you want. No more going to the local video rental store only to find out that they don’t have any copies left. Sounds great? It is, but the movie industry sees only RED — a loss of revenues from people who do not buy the movie after seeing it!

Oh well, such is life…


Redbox: The Enemy of the Entertainment Industry? [STUDY] 
Source: mashable.com


If bargain movie rentals are your thing, then you’ve probably already happened on those bright red self-servce kiosks that dispense movie rentals at a ridiculously low price of a $1 per movie per night.

The company is called Redbox, and while their service is an entertainment hit with consumers (they have 19 percent share of DVD rentals), they’ve attracted the ostentatious indignation of studios who are feeling the pinch of major declines in movie sales.

Now new research, embedded below, from the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp. (LAEDC) further paints Redbox as the enemy of the entertainment industry. Data estimates that Redbox’s discounted movie prices will cost the entertainment industry $1 billion in revenue and account for 9,280 jobs lost.

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