For better or worse, Technology has changed childhood…

This article suggests ten technologies, including Facebook, that have changed our children. Another ten technologies, especially online games, that parents could have done without. These technologies have forever changed the environment in which children grow up. Unfortunately, this is probably not the end of the changes that will be brought on be technologies that we are not even aware of at this time…

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The Digital Decade: 20 Things That Forever Changed Childhood – Parenting on Shine 


Consider this: At the turn of the millennium, what technology issue worried us? Y2K. Our kids listened to CDs on portable players. Laptops and lap dogs weighed about the same. If you wanted to watch a TV show after it aired, you had to program a VCR. AOL ruled email, which most of us accessed through dial-up. Kids surfed the ocean, not the Web; they played games on Game Boys and used their phones to talk, not text; and social networking happened at the mall.

The first decade of the 21st century has been packed with innovations and entertainment that have forever changed childhood — and parenting. Some of these have been fabulous. Others? Not so great. But all have revolutionized how our kids communicate, create, learn, and play.

Here, in no particular order, are the best and worst of the last decade — the stuff that we at Common Sense Media feel has truly rocked our kids’ world.