Facebook’s New Privacy Changes…

Are the new Privacy Policy changes for the interest of the users or are they intended to advance another agenda? From this and other reports, it would seem that Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg thinks that the only way to compete with Twitter is to change access: everyone is your friend.

Do you agree that Facebook & Twitter are serving the same purpose? Let me know…


Why Facebook’s Privacy Changes are Detrimental to Users 
Source: mashable.com

Facebook’s recent privacy changes mean users have less control over the publication of actions like joining groups. Here’s why this may deter certain uses of the network.

Though Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that public is the new “social norm,” many members who use the social network for professional and business reasons have lost the ability to conduct certain actions privately as a result of changes made to the settings.

And despite this being a reflection and a catalyst of our social activities becoming more public through the likes of Twitter and other sites, not having the option to control certain aspects in some ways is detrimental to the way we use the site and has the potential to deter users from using the site freely.

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