Well, it’s finally happened: Google stands up to the Chinese!

Google announced today that they will NOT censor the Chinese search results as requested by the government. This is a very important and needed step in the assurance that the information on the web be freely available, not filtered through some narrow ideology. There are implications for both global politics and censorship itself…

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The Global Implications of Google’s Stand Against Chinese Censorship 
Source: mashable.com

Google dropped a bombshell today, declaring that it won’t censor Chinese search results after sophisticated attacks on the Gmail accounts of Chinese human activists. This opens the door not only for China to kick Google out of its country, but for a renewal of the battle over censorship and government oppression in China.

I’m going to divide this analysis of the ramifications of Google’s (Google) decision into three sections: what this means for China, the impact of the decision on global politics, and its potential effect on censorship itself.

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