Will the iPad really kill the Kindle?

I’m not sure that it will… This article presents 4 pro and 4 con arguments; but we need to consider what the true cost of each device is. The Kindle comes with an incredible battery, clear screen (with sizable type), and free 3G networking. Apple has always been notorious for its hidden costs. Just look at the basic iPhone cost for an average service plan ($150 a month). I’m sure that the iPad will also carry many hidden costs and not meet its performance expectations…

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4 Reasons iPad Will Kill the Kindle, 4 Reasons It Won’t 
Source: mashable.com

The Apple iPad burst onto the tech scene today in stunning full-color. Does that mean Amazon’s genre-defining and market-leading Kindle e-book reader is now dead?

“Uh-oh,” is the reaction we can imagine Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had when watching today’s unveiling of the eagerly awaited Apple iPad tablet. The new Apple device looks, at least upon first glance, like it will completely eat Amazon’s lunch. In fact, Steve Jobs even eulogized the Kindle in his unveiling.

“Amazon’s done a great job of pioneering this functionality with the Kindle. We’re going to stand on their shoulders and go a little further,” he said while unveiling the iPad’s iBook e-reader software. But is the Kindle really dead? Amazon proudly proclaimed the Kindle as the number one selling product on Amazon.com, with a huge banner on their home page today. Can it really be all over so fast?

Here are four reasons why the Kindle is dead, and four more why it might still have some life left in it.

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