Now that the iPad is here, what is it missing?

Plenty, according to this article. Many features of even netbooks are not available on the iPad and may not be available for quite a while since the iPad uses the iPhone OS, which is fairly limited… Is it taking a look, maybe, but there are a number of tablet computers set to enter the market later in the year…

For me, I call it a "wait and see"!


What’s Missing from the Apple iPad? 

Now that we know what the Apple iPad does do, and the lingering effects of the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field are starting to wear off a bit, let’s take a closer look at exactly what the iPad doesn’t do.

It does usher in a new computing form factor (or rather, revives it) — but it’s a space that will be awfully crowded in short order. Should you rush in to pick up the Apple-flavored tablet, or are there reasons to consider waiting for the series of devices that are sure to follow? For now, a quick look at what’s missing in the iPad version 1.0 might help decide the balance of your bank account at the end of March.

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