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JerryPhoto_thumb2_thumbOur country has had its share of magnificent bridges over the years. In the New York City area there are the Brooklyn Bridge, the Verrazona-Narrows Bridge, and the George Washington Bridge. Each has occupied a special place in the heart of the New Yorkers. On the west coast, there is, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the infamous Tacoma Narrows Bridge, nicknamed “Galloping Gertie”, that was torn apart in the winds of the region, at the loss of life of many. The architect and engineer responsible for the design and building of the George Washington Bridge were at the top of their class.

In peace or wartime, our nation has arisen to meet the needs of people who wanted to move about and heed Horace Greeley’s directive: “Go West, Young Man…”. In the process better and better methods have been developed to ford streams and rivers. We are a nation on the move, and few rivers have held us back. That was especially true in the movement from France to Germany across the Rhine River. Like the Romans, we are a nation of excellent engineers, but like the Greeks, we are a nation of thinkers and innovators.

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Let’s not lose sight of this legacy today. In our present economy, there is much despair among the workers. But we need companies like Apple Computer, Facebook, Google, and others in both the technology sector and other creative parts of our economy. This innovative spirit of Americans can (and will) overcome the present imbalance in the concentration of wealth by the little shops that put out great products. This is the hope of our country and what enabled us to build the marvels, like the George Washington Bridge in days gone by.

But now, let’s get started on our exploration of the the building and opening of the George Washington Bridge between New York City and New Jersey…. GLB

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“Go to the truth beyond the mind. Love is the bridge.”
— Stephen Levine

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
— Jim Rohn

“Good composition is like a suspension bridge – each line adds strength and takes none away.”
— Robert Henri

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