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JerryPhotoToday we are looking at the type of photographs you might be taking on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. These photos will typically be taken in available light of the streets or the poor photographic lighting of a living room, but may also be supplemented with the use of flash. In any case, you will probably want to use a tripod, since you will need longer exposures on all but the top-of-the-class SLR (Single Lens Reflect) cameras. We hope that these tips will help you capture some great photos!

Taking those candid pictures of family, friends, and holiday play, especially for the kids, is not as easy as it might appears. Sometimes using the flash will be distracting. A flash might also be an obstacle to getting a good picture; people often move before the flash fires, especially if you have your camera set for a “Rear Curtin” flash. So, you may want to try “available light” shooting.

To accomplish this, you need to focus on the ISO settings and you MUST use a tripod to eliminate any movement, You will also want to use a remote “trigger” if one is available for your camera. If such a device is not available, you can use the timed trigger built into most modern digital cameras. For the ISO settings, check my blog article in the References section.

So let’s get on with our exploration…  GLB

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Quotations Related to PHOTOGRAPHY

“Photography is the beauty of life, captured.”
— Tara Chisholm

“I didn’t choose photography. Photography chose me.”
— Gerardo Suter

“Imagine a world without photography, one could only imagine.”
— Berenice Abbott

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