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JerryPhoto_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thumb_I have fond memories of a young musical duo from my home town of Downey, California, who made a major “splash” upon the musical scene in the 1970s — The Carpenters. After surviving the British rock star invasion, lead by The Beatles, and the acid rock groups of the Woodstock generation, The Carpenters were a breath of fresh air. Their music was termed as “Soft Rock” in contrast to the hard rock of the late 1960s. The Carpenters were made of a brother and sister team, Richard and Karen Carpenter, who had learned their vocal lessons initially at the First Baptist Church in Downey.



Their music was melodic with comfortable lyrics that helped us recover from the stress of the office or classroom. They were uplifting and helped gird us up to be the parents that our children needed and the workers that could navigate through the maze of the daily work life. Besides these calming effects, the music of The Carpenters was just fun to listen to at home or in the car. It was not heavy, it didn’t necessarily challenge our minds, and it didn’t move us to action. It relaxes and soothed us. We could do well to find groups today that could fulfill this function.

But this success story had a downside. At the pinnacle of their success, Karen Carpenter succumbed to her years long struggle with the eating disorder, Anorexia nervosa. She had been under treatment for years and her weight had dropped below 100 pounds, which on even a person of her small stature was way too little. She had been in treatment, but left the hospital. No long afterwards, Karen lost her battle with this terrible disease. At the you age of 32.

R.I.P., Karen; we will miss you. We now will proceed to examine this talented vocalist and her career, but we will also take a brief look at the disease of Anorexia briefly. A fuller look at that dreaded affliction of many teenaged girls will have to await another posting for a more detailed investigation... GLB

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“Not enough people in this world are happy.”
— Karen Carpenter

“I feel like the health industry is getting nothing but stronger every day.”
— Karen Carpenter

“I’m just afraid I’m gonna miss it all… being married… being a mother.”
— Karen Carpenter

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