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Today we look at second set of five African American women politicians and activists who have made major contributions to the human and civil rights landscape of the 20th century. Many of these individuals are still alive and continue to work for the improvement of the status and experience of Blacks, both in the United States and abroad. Many of these works help to fight for the rights of the Black people in this country from slavery to freedom. Many of them have also participated in both the Congress and freedom struggles against the forces of bias, segregation, and relegation to second-class status; the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the legislation of the Great Society have given many of these women the opportunity to serve their people. These women continue to fight for the rich heritage of the African Americans.


Let us celebrate the lives and works of these women in politics and the Civil Rights movement. We now will proceed to examine the lives and works of these African American Women in more detail... GLB

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Quotations Related to Milestones in History — Black Women Politicians:

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“And I think there is too much bloviating around from politicians.”
— Barney Frank

“America gets the politicians they deserve. That’s it. And you keep struggling.”
— Al Lewis

“A politician’s goal is always to manipulate public debate. I think there are some politicians with higher goals. But all of them get corrupted by power.”
— Dean Koontz

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